About us

DAMAX Solutions is a duly registered research consulting company that provides end-to-end research services and solutions to the health, education, agriculture, youth and socio-development industry in Tanzania.

Established in 2010 as a partnership of seasoned research scientists and program implementers, DAMAX works with both the public and private sector clients to generate key insights that matter for decision-making.

We have considerable competencies to design and conduct an array of study types (such as formative assessments, program evaluations, operational and implementation research) employing different designs (i.e. experimental and non-experimental) using quantitative and/or qualitative data collection methods.

Our esteemed project management capabilities allow us to quickly deploy experienced study teams on multiple projects at a time, smoothly navigate through bureaucratic requirements and comply with ethical and regulatory standards.

Our knowledge of the local context and extensive network enables us to minimize risks, troubleshoot and promptly resolve problems. Our country footprint is extensive from urban areas, peri-urban areas and rural parts of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar and other countries within East and Southern Africa, so is the diversity of our study respondents – beneficiaries or consumers, service providers, policymakers, business owners, and implementers.

We pride ourselves in our technical know-how of both the programmatic and research methods realms of our client’s projects, enabling us to design robust studies measures as well as generate relevant insights and recommendations for decision-making.

Collaborative teamwork and reliability, and quality and on-time deliverables are a cornerstone to our being, as evidenced by our extensive and repeat client portfolio.

Why engage with us.

We are defined by Operational Efficiency

We leverage our thorough understanding of the local context, regulatory requirements and extensive network to achieve efficiency through quick project start-ups ups and turnarounds.

We maintain lean operations in order to offer price competitive solutions to our clients so they can go further to achieve impact.

We stand for Data Quality and Ethics

Driven by our core values of Ethics, Quality, and Integrity, we take concrete measures to infuse principles and best practices for ensuring research findings are of quality and adhere to sound ethical principles.

We ensure our study teams are sufficiently trained and supported to be responsible and accountable over data quality and ethics.

Our processes are informed by acknowledged QA methodologies and field experiences, translated into standard operating procedures and tools.  

We are powered by Seasoned Experts

Our experts are proficient and/or subject matter experts in their sector specialties spanning the health, education, youth and development industry.

Our combined acumen in project and research means we are centered at generating relevant findings. Our Rolodex has 200+ Research Assistants enabling us to undertake large studies and simultaneously manage multiple projects.

Over 80+ studies implemented means we have gained skills to effectively manage research implementation.

We seek to Relentlessly Innovate

We continuously seek to innovate our tools and approaches to exceptionally meet the needs of our clients, including efficiency in the research process, generating quality data, and reducing time for knowledge diffusion to end-users.

Since 2015, we have been working to harness the power of technology and research rigor. We introduced the use of digital tablets using Open Data Kit technology, which digitized our data collection and entry process of quantitative data.

We have conducted over 45 studies using digital data collection.  Our clients benefited from quicker turnarounds and reduced error from data entry. We continue to seek means to improve upon our research process and impact.

Our Vision, Mission and Core values.

Mission vision