Understanding of Consumer Voices in a Changing Food Environment

One of our Research Assistants is with a respondent during a consenting session

DAMAX Solutions, contracted by BBMC Media Action, conducted a baseline survey in Tanzania aimed at increasing consumer voices in addressing the nutrition transition. The study focused on pinpointing communication methods that are most effective in amplifying consumers' voices and initiatives in addressing the nutrition transition, with a focus on identifying preferred platforms across different age groups and genders, exploring how behavior change communication can drive action among individuals leading to more impactful and transparent public policies addressing malnutrition comprehensively. Furthermore, it endeavors to comprehend the diverse factors influencing the food environment at the individual, household, and community levels, considering regional disparities in production, distribution, and consumption dynamics.
The project covered eight zones, 19 regions, and 38 districts, including 14 regions of the Tanzanian Mainland and five regions of Zanzibar. We were able to reach respondents from 2,588 individuals who aged 18 years or above.

Focus Area